Welcome to Thistle House

          Welcome to our Re-enactment Acting Guild! Portraying the people of the Isle of Mann and all those that land upon its shores. Thistle House is an historical re-encampment guild which trains new folk in the ways of a Renaissance actor and promotes the teaching of history to our young at heart. Welcoming all those willing to learn how to portray people of that time period and experience history as an actor in an actual reconstructed encampment at a Renaissance Faire. We train those who wish to be peasants, crafters, merchants, warriors, sailors, people of the Isle / Irish / highlanders, nobles, Knights, Dames, and Royalty.

The guild is associated with the following times

  • Medieval 1066-1400 during the reigns of the Kings of the Isle of Mann, William the Conqueror, WIlliam Wallace, Robert the Bruce
  • Renaissance 1500-1603 during the reigns of The Prince of the Isle of Mann, Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, Mary Queen of Scotts, King Louis of France
  • Victorian 1837-1900 during the reign of Queen Victoria